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Research & Development Facility

INTEC maintains an in house well equipped Robotic Lab with cells configured with Spatial Foot Print that offers the following benefits:

• Development of new robotic programs that can be e mailed to the customer and installed on their robotic cell without requiring touch up

• Customers can run tests on our robotic lab cell and prepare robot programs that are ready to run in production

• Customers have access to a full line of consumables (abrasive belts, polishing wheels, polishing compounds etc.) allowing them to fully concentrate on programming with no interruptions. This eliminates the problem of stopping a production cell for part programming

We also provide Programming Service for:

• Process development and creation of robot programs for our customer’s new parts

• Modification of existing programs to produce higher quality finishes and reduced cycle times

• Service is provided by one of our experienced programmers on site at the customer’s facility

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